Thursday, May 23, 2013

Me on the Map

To help the boy get a better sense of how cities, provinces, countries, and continents fit together, we did a "Me on the Map" project.

Our project included the following categories:

1. Me - draw self-portrait
2. My house - draw house and write house number
3. My street - cut and glue paper road and houses and write street name
4. My city - use Internet to find city logo, print, paste, and write city name
5. My province - colour and paste printed province, add flag, and write province name
6. My country - colour and paste printed country, add flag, and write country name
7. My continent - colour, label, and paste printed continent and write continent name
8. My planet - colour printed globe green/blue and write Earth

We fastened the circles together using a one-inch fastener, which worked perfectly to let the circles rotate to see the layer beneath.

(With thanks to Finally in First via Pinterest!)


Social Studies: Mapping

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