Friday, October 5, 2012

Letters everywhere

The boy's list of sight words is rapidly growing, and his ability to sound out words is improving daily as well.

At home, he uses letter magnets to make words on the fridge. He also labels many of his drawings and frequently comes to ask me if he's spelled a word correctly.

Some of the boy's current fridge-words.

As we drive, he reads street signs, billboards, and words on stores and vehicles. Sometimes he sounds them out himself, while other times he asks me what (for example) "T-R-A-N-S-I-T" says.

Because he doesn't yet have the ease of reading nor the stamina for reading long portions at once, we take turns when we're reading early reader books (Dr. Seuss books are a favourite of ours for this alternating-pages style of reading).

During a playtime with some friends, he spent some time with one of his friend's mom doing a reading and writing game. I love that everyone we meet has that potential to be a teacher-figure in our lives, whether by introducing us to new games, discussing new ideas, facilitating a learning experience, or sharing a skill!


Language Arts: Reading, writing

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