Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Student Learning Plan

All posts will include a section at the bottom which categorizes the activity according to the following Student Learning Plan. You can also search by category using the Labels to the left, below the Blog Archives.

Student Learning Plan

Numbers (Life of Fred, addition, skip counting, measuring, math games)
Patterns (as found in surrounding environment)
Shape and Space (Lego, blocks)

Language Arts
Reading and Viewing (daily reading, Bob Books, magnetic letters)
Writing and Representing (printing, copying words)
Speaking and Listening (book discussions: predictions, questions, review)

Health (nutrition, personal safety)

Science (observations, descriptions)

Social Studies (family relationships, mapping)

Fine Arts
Drama (story dramatizations)
Music (singing, rhythm)
Visual arts (drawing, painting)

Physical Education (physical activity, skill building)

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